Dr. Awad Osman Al-Assaf Vice President - Partner

  • PhD in Law
  • Master of Law
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Diploma of Systems Studies
  • Bachelor of Shari’a

Dr. Awad has over 30 years of experience in various positions where he served as Advisor and General Supervisor of the Office of the Minister of Post, Telegraph and Telephone as “Undersecretary of the Ministry.” After the establishment of STC, he moved to the company as Vice- General Procurement, Training, Human Resources, Materials and Administration.

Through his work in the company, he contributed to changing the company’s business style from governmental to commercial, working on a commercial basis, restructuring the company and staffing the employees in their new ranks in the company’s new structure, laying down foundations and regulations for procurement, human resources, training, materials and contracts with contractors and suppliers. In the preparation of programs and mechanisms for the settlement of the conditions of employees, and to provide the opportunity for those who wish to leave the work in the company and retirement in accordance with a clear, specific and satisfactory mechanism for all and suitable for them and the company .

He was an active member of the committees formed to study the privatization of the telecommunications sector and made several systematic suggestions that helped speed the privatization of the telecommunications sector .

In addition, he has prepared many systems, perhaps the most important of which are the telecommunications system, its executive regulation, the organization of the communications and information technology authority, the electronic crimes control system, the electronic transactions system, the postal system .

Following the establishment of the Communications and Information Technology Commission in early 2002, he moved to work as Deputy Governor for Legal Affairs. He contributed to the establishment of the Organization and the establishment of all the regulations related to the work of the Commission, and the preparation of organizational decisions issued by the Commission. Offers from competing companies, licensing of Etihad Etisalat, Mobily as well as licenses for providing data services, providing Internet services, satellite services and other services .

In the beginning of 2006, he left the work of the organization and dedicated himself to his private business through his legal office, through which he provides legal, legal and legal advice to many governmental and private entities. He worked as an attorney for all telecom companies to help them understand and implement the decisions issued by the Commission and protect their interests from During the objection to any decision issued by the Commission and in which the violation of their statutory rights.

During his tenure, he participated in many local, Arab and international conferences and meetings. Where he was a member of the Council of the Arab Organization for Satellite Communications for more than fifteen years, and participated in the negotiating team of the Kingdom during the accession of the Kingdom to the World Trade Organization, and was a member of the delegation of the Kingdom .

Participating in the meetings of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Universal Postal Union (ITU), the International Telecommunications Organization (INTELSAT), a member of the Legal Experts Committee of the Organization as the first Arab to be selected for this position, the Gulf Cooperation Council and other Arab