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    Afaq Al-Khebra Company is considered one of the first companies in terms of possessing significant experiences in the field of privatization, Restructuring, organization and providing support business solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company's work team is led by a professional management of leading persons, with extensive experience in many engineering, technical, organizational, legal, administrative, financial and operational fields, preparing government agencies for privatization and working according to commercial principles, and changing their work systems from governmental to commercial.
    Dealing with Horizons Al-Khebra Company is a guarantee that the other party will obtain the knowledge, plans and models that help him to transform and change, whether that change and transfer through full or partial allocation or work on commercial basis, but he will obtain practical solutions, provided by our team based on experiences And the experiences that they witnessed during the privatization of the telecommunications sector, they led the phase of privatizing the telecommunications sector, which is the first successful experience of privatization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Studying the customer’s need, understanding his needs and providing him with appropriate and specially designed solutions To our clients to help them meet their needs and provide them with methods that help them Achieve their goals and develop their businesses

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The Head Quarters Business Park, Corniche Road, New Waterfront, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia



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