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Company Overview

Nowadays, we are witnessing a rapid  developments in both business and information technology sectors worldwide. Moreover, the development of the infrastructure, government sectors and major local and international companies’ standards has been imposed in order to keep pace with what is happening today globally, evolving into a method and basis for change

Based on the Saudi’s Vision of 2030, and the great changes that are taking place today in many government and private sectors, which is presenting great challenges and opportunities, anticipating the privatization of a large number of government entities, developing the infrastructure for many enterprises, and imposing privatization, Afaq Al-Khebra was established. Afaq Al-Khebra was established by group of experts who gained numerous amount of experience during their work in the telecommunications and other sectors as well for over 30 years. Afaq Al-Khebra is providing a vast experience in a coherent system of work in the consulting and technical world, administrative, financial, organizational, privatization and restructuring solutions with the high standards and best results

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Why choose us

Human Resources Services
Crisis Management
Communications and Information Technology
Transform government entities into a private company and then into a stock company
Qualifying establishments to obtain ISO

Our mission

Pioneering in the development of both public and private sectors to provide
knowledge services, administrative, financial consulting and privatization
to serve according to the modern economy

Empowering enterprises to operate according to the modern

Our objective
Studying and understanding client’s need, providing appropriate solutions
that are tailored to them, helping them meet their needs and providing
them with plans and methods to help them achieve their goals and develop
their businesses.

Our experience

privatization 95%
Restructuring 75%
Development 88%
Consulting 90%

Our team

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